Eway Direct is now a DigitalContact company.
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Great deliverability grows your business

We are the ESP that you have been wishing for.

Gain a competitive advantage with eWay’s Live Audience & Send Time Optimization Tools.

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We Are Deliverability

Meet eWay’s Deliverability Cloud

Automate every type of campaign and scale to all new levels

"Protecting our brand is critical to our future success. Working with eWayDirect has allowed us to explore acquisition opportunities that we previously would not have."

~ Sal Tripi, Publishers Clearing House

"eWayDirect has the most functionality built directly into the platform. It is so easy to integrate with our client's ecommerce platforms, and effortlessly exports on demand."

~ Allan Levy, Founder and CEO, Sellup.net

Inbox and Repeat

Discover new ways to inbox and grow your deliverability by individual ISP.

Automate and nurture openers, clicks,
and non-responders.

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Live Audience

When your prospects are online so are we.
Our platform is set up to dynamically send emails to prospects that are confirmed to be online at that moment.

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Send Time Optimization

Timing is everything! Let our platform take the guesswork out of the best time to send a prospect an email.

Our platform analyzes the email responses of every recipient in relation to the campaign launch time, and then sends the next email at the optimal time for them. Your new clients will love you.

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